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There’s amazing news at the Tranquil Media Group HQ! We will be launching a new website – Career Fodder – that will focus on careers in 2021. The new development has been in the making since late 2019. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the scheduled launch was put on hold.

Career Fodder will focus on career development in a nonconventional way. Unlike other websites that focus on technical aspects of jobs, we will be connecting with our readers on a more personal level. We will go beyond offering advice; we will be walking with you through the journey of striking a balance between a successful career and a healthy lifestyle. For brands, we will be offering competitive digital advertising solutions that reflect what we stand for: world-class service delivery.

“I am very proud of what the team has done. I tend to be very particular with my vision of a product, and open to ideas and insight. The website will be a game-changer indeed. We are definitely doing something different; our recipe is a secret but we assure our potential readers that it will be worthwhile,” our CEO Harun Momanyi.

The journey so far…

Prior to founding Tranquil Media Group, Harun worked with leading media brands across Africa. A recent Nation Africa feature explored his journey to the top. The new product culminates his experience in digital media and product scaling.

“The advertising packages we will be offering our brand partners will be highly innovative but customizable. We will be working closely with brands to ensure that they connect well with our readers. I, therefore, invite all brands that target our audience segments to collaborate with us,” he added.

Be sure to follow Career Fodder on Instagram and like our page on Facebook! We will be updating you when the website launches. Keep coming back to our corporate blog for more news.


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