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Bravo! Our Founder & CEO Harun Momanyi graced a one-page feature in the Daily Nation on 13th November 2020. In the special story, he got to talk to editor Collins Kariuki about his journey in the media, and what inspired him to start Tranquil Media Group.

Harun took to social media to share the fantastic news. Hundreds of fans and industry colleagues congratulated him for being bold and sharing his inspiring story; it has been a unique story about rising from zero to something.

Apart from giving a detailed account of how he managed to be an award-winning self-taught journalist, Harun spoke about his transition from journalism to digital marketing. Having worked at Radio Africa Group for 4 years, creating content for their lifestyle websites and handling digital marketing campaigns for clients prepared him for this leadership journey.

“My transition to marketing was natural. When I was working as a full-time journalist, I used to create branded content to help clients sell their products or services and even raise their brand awareness. I was really fascinated by how brands connect with customers. For two years, I worked closely with multinationals on government marketing initiatives, managed accounts of leading celebrities, and learnt how to manage and report on the entire digital marketing campaigns,” he said.

Given that experience isn’t enough, Harun had to get qualifications to solidify his experience in the field.

“Whereas I learnt marketing on the job, I also took up online courses to gain more knowledge and skills. I got a fashion certificate from Parsons School of Design, New York, which also had a marketing and public relations module that helped me a lot. I also took up the Squared Online digital marketing leadership course by AVADO and Google, which teaches advanced marketing skills which many agencies and corporations are looking for,” he added.

Our CEO’s journey as a journalist has seen him interview some of the most influential public figures in the world. These include Hollywood music video director Hannah Lux Davis, award-winning entertainer Vanessa Mdee, Nigerian star Yemi Alade, Jamaican singer Samantha J and actress/director Sarah Hassan.

We’re very proud of Harun Momanyi at team Tranquil. Check out the entire story on Nation Africa.

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