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I recently toured Mezze on the Deck, a classy rooftop restaurant at the prestigious Four Points by Sheraton Hotel – Hurlingham. I had a one-night stay at the hotel and the surreal experience left an impeccable impression.

Working Monday to Friday is definitely a routine most of us seek to take a break from often. For someone like me, running a digital media company is super demanding, and thus I’m always looking for dinner spots in Nairobi to enjoy my free time.

I checked in at around 5 PM on a Friday evening. I was greeted by the ever-smiling, warm and welcoming staff at the reception who processed my booking swiftly. I felt at home, something I rarely feel whenever I’m traveling.

After the sign-in, I was led to my room by the duty manager. This was a touch of excellence, as I felt well taken care of. The room was neat and refreshing, and I was happy to finally settle in after a long day of activities.

My tummy was yearning for a treat so I freshened up, rested a bit then headed for dinner at Mezze at exactly 7 PM.

Mezze on the Deck during the day.

What wowed me is the fact that the views are breathtaking at night. Once you come out of the elevator on the seventh floor, you are greeted by a sweeping view of the Kilimani area in the vicinity, as well as the larger Nairobi skyline.

There’s a gentle breeze that comes from the pool at night and spoiler alert: the views are even better during the day.

The Maestro Band was playing live. I quickly observed how vocally talented they were, and how skillfully they played their instruments. Their lively performance would last for a solid three hours – from 7 PM to 10 PM.

They played a wide range of songs in most genres, including pop, reggae, and jazz. As the band played, I ordered my first tasting. I am a fresh juice lover, so I had cold mango juice to start with. It tasted sweet and was rich in flavor.

Maestro band playing at Mezze on the Deck.

Next, I was served a starter. It included Hummus, Baba Ganoush, and Muhammara. These are Middle Eastern treats that all tasted splendid. My tastebuds will never get enough of this new discovery, and I’ll sure visit soon for another round.

My main course was pan-seared Salmon with Potato Mousseline and glazed vegetables. This came with a serving of dill butter sauce.

I enjoyed this beyond words. I was full by the time I was done with this delicious meal, but I couldn’t resist the urge of getting a dessert afterward.

My drink for the night.

I had Basbousa, a type of cake that originated from Egypt. As you can tell, I have a sweet tooth. Even more interesting is the fact that my dinner was Arabic-themed, safe to say.

The dinner definitely stood out! After having the delicious serving, I topped it off with some pineapple mint juice as I listened to the band play their last songs of the night. I interacted with the staff who were consistently checking to see if I needed anything else.

I definitely felt treated like a king! At this time, I was definitely tired and sleepy. I had a quick chat with the band and took a few photos of them after they finished playing. I then headed back to my room downstairs where I would spend my peaceful, satisfying night ahead.

The scrumptious salmon I ate.

The next morning, after breakfast at Pablo’s restaurant on the ground floor, I came back to the rooftop for more amazing views. The swimming pool looked amazing under the blue sky. The sunlight was such a delight.

There was a family having a birthday party – a fantastic idea for you to consider! You can host events with family and friends at Mezze. The DJ was set up to entertain the family.

The poolside during the day.

As I was hanging around, I was invited for a cocktail-tasting session by the barista. I opted for Aqua Martini and Bikini Martini, which I sincerely loved. I enjoyed them both while basking in the sun.

The afternoon ahead was going to be an interesting one; I was yet to sample the dishes at Pablo’s and I couldn’t wait to calm my already hungry stomach!

To reserve a table at Mezze on the Deck for dinner, visit the Four Points by Sheraton – Hurlingham website.

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