Tracy Kyasiimire: Don’t Just Do Anything Because You’re Trying To Make It

tracy kyasiimire

At Tranquil Media Group, we manage and work with some of the best influencers in Africa. We recently hosted one of them, Tracy Kyasiimire from Uganda. She is a darling to many and has worked with several high profile brands, including  Tecno, Sash’z Closet, Tukule Foundation, and Guiza Collection. She has also appeared on major media outlets across East Africa.

We had a sit down with Tracy Kyasiimire to find out more about her journey so far as a commercial model and influencer.

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Team Tranquil: How would you describe your journey so far as a commercial model and influencer?

Tracy Kyasiimire: it’s been an amazing  journey there’s always something new to learn I can’t say it’s all been merry it has its ups and downs but nevertheless I love the path I took 

tracy kyasiimire

TT: Tell us about the Tecno deal. How was it working with the brand?

TK: It was a privilege to work with a big brand like Tecno.

TT: What have you liked the most working with our CEO Harun Momanyi?

TK: He is very down-to-earth and hardworking…a very determined guy. 

Her future goals…

TT: What are some of the big plans or projects that you’d love to work on?

TK: I would one day love to work for big companies like Nike, Adidas, Victoria’s Secret, Coca-Cola, and many more.

TT: What’s Tracy Kyasiimire’s typical day like?

tracy kyasiimire

TK: Wake up, go to the gym for an hour or two, go to work or go for a shoot if I have one, do meetings and then I go back home.

TT: Many have wanted to know more about your skincare routine…how do you do it?

TK: Hahahaha…I really don’t do much. In fact, I use Vaseline jelly and a cream called Clear and Glow; it’s totally organic. I also use a mask once a week and that’s it.

TT: What’s your go-to fashion brand?

TK: I am not really a brand person. I see something nice. I like it. If it looks good on me I then wear it…but I think Pretty Little Thing has some amazing outfits.

TT: How do you stay motivated?

TK: That’s easy because I love what I do. I wake up every day and carry on because there’s nowhere else I would rather be than where I am today.

TT: You’re a role model to many. How would you advise young models who want to reach the level you have achieved?

TK: This industry is very competitive. However, there’s always room for everyone. Pick out something unique about you and build on that…flaunt it and that’s going to be your strength. Also, stand your ground and have principles. That way you will be taken seriously. Don’t just do anything because you’re trying to make it.

tracy kyasiimire

Her collaboration with Tecno Uganda

TT: What’s next for Tracy?

TK: Every day is a new day for bettering myself. I just stay tuned big things are coming

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