All You Need To Know About The Popular Nyama Mama Restaurant

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Nyama Mama Delta is more than just your average diner. The impression it leaves in your mind at first sight is similar to that you get when you notice an eccentric performer on a culture night out.

They offer a great range of dishes, which are served in a way that instantly evokes fond memories. Remember when you were young, probably visiting your grandparents upcountry and they would serve you yams and porridge in a metal Kikombe and platter?

Well, that is the same thing you’ll encounter at Nyama Mama, albeit more striking this time round. Why? It’s an urban restaurant, set in a well-tended compound just adjacent to a high-end car showroom!

There, you’ll be served with Ugali Fries with Garlic Sauce, Githeri, Grilled Halloumi with Sukuma Wiki and Tamarillo (Tree Tomato) Chutney, a unique Blue Mount cocktail, Chicken Wings and a host of other unconventional dishes.

Nyama Mama KE

The Ugali Fries

Their interior decor is one of a kind. It exudes the texture and feel of a local kitchen in a village homestead, with some finishing of an exotic, metropolitan diner. I had a session with the management team of Nyama Mama to find out more about what they offer. Here’s what they had to say.

Harun: Traditionally, most new brands in the Kenyan hospitality industry tend to focus on international or continental menus. Why did Nyama Mama decide to go straight to the roots?

Team Nyama Mama: Nyama Mama is an unpretentious, fun, modern day African roadside diner. Inspired by the taste of the continent especially Kenya.

We wanted to pay tribute to our roots, our culture and the eclectic flavours of local cuisine. However, we want to present this in a modern, fresh approach – taking everything you grew up with and giving it a twist. At our heart, Mama wants you to feel right at home as if you were right in your grandma’s place. Throughout the space you get a glimpse into Mama’s kitchen from packets of Unga (Kenyan flour), cooking fat, crates as well as pots and pans a true trip down memory lane.

Nyama Mama KE

Lions Share cocktail

H: You’re fairly new in the game yet the online reviews you’ve gotten are overwhelmingly positive. What is your customer service philosophy?

NM: Just as you would receive a warm welcome at grandma’s house, so too will you find that at Nyama Mama. It matters to us that every guest gets a warm, inviting and personal experience. We also strive to train and empower our team to give the very best service.

H: Which are some of the attractive (weekend or weekday) offers that Nyama Mama currently has for its customers?

NM: Masaa Ya Mama: 2 for 1 on selected cocktails, beers and wines from 4-7pm, everyday

Reggae and Burger: indulge in Mama’s irresistible burger deal – For ONLY 1500/- get your hands on TWO Burgers with a side of hand cut fries or salad and a Castle Lite Beer!

Karibu Chai & Mandazi Deal: Daily 7am-11am get a Mandazi basket and Chai for 300/- only at Delta.

Karibu Chai & Samosa Deal: Daily 3pm-5pm get Samosa and Masala Chai for 350/- available at all branches.

Xpress Combo at Yaya Centre and Village Market: Get Mama’s BBQ glazed half chicken, kachumbari, with sauteed sweet potatoes or hand cut chips and a soft drink for 1000/- (ends 30th June).

We have Mama’s Jam Session Every Wednesday from 7:30pm at our Delta branch. Upcoming talented and local artists perform live, courtesy of Jahmuri Jam Festival.

Nyama Mama KE

Samburu Watermelon Salad

H: Which are some of the irresistible cocktails and full course meals that you would recommend anyone visiting Nyama Mama to try?

NM: For cold weather ‘Mom’s Pom’ certainly hit’s the spot – made with spiced rum, martini and pomegranate. We call it Mama’s medicine, since it comes in a perfect sized medicine bottle and is infused inhouse. If you like sweeter cocktails, then be sure to try ‘Yes We Can’ which comes in a tin can and is made with vodka, kisampa honey, chai bitters and coconut water.

Foodwise – The one thing that everyone always asks for is our Ugali Fries. People just can’t get enough of them including our very own CS Najib Balala.

People also like the goat curry, ribs and wraps.

H: What’s your advice to someone who would love to venture into the hospitality industry?

NM: Find your niche and focus on that. Make sure your concept is in every touch point. You can’t be all things to all people, so do what you do well and do it exceptionally.

H: How has feedback from your customers been?

Mama’s African inspiration goes beyond her food. She gives diners a distinctive experience from the moment they step into the restaurant. The décor is inspired by Mama’s travels across Africa pulling vibrant colours, African fabrics and nostalgic adornments. Mama wanted you to feel like you are right at home or at your grandma’s place.

From splashes of Kitenge fabric, old school leather couches to series of artworks about the streets of Kenya, Mama’s vision was to create a space that brings out Kenya’s vivacious urban culture.

Local residents and tourists have been extremely responsive to the concept. They love the trip down memory lane and authentic touches. For tourists it is a wonderful introduction to Kenyan cuisine.

There you have it! You should consider visiting the place soon. Treat your girlfriend to a lovely dinner or surprise your BFF with an unforgettable birthday gift!

Nyama Mama KE

The Blue Mount Cocktail

About Nyama Mama:

After working as a cook in exclusive Safari lodges around East & West Africa, Mama has gone back to her childhood roots preparing home-style dishes with a modern eclectic twist.

Nyama Mama is an unpretentious, fun, modern day African roadside diner. Locally inspired, some of our skilfully concocted dishes include Chapatti wraps to Mama’s stews and flavourful sides.

Indulge in some nostalgia with our sharing platters and signature cocktails served in iconic metal Vikombe.

Nyama Mama Xpress is mama’s limited service diner, conveniently located in central locations delivering a dose of hearty mama’s food on the go.

For more details, visit

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